100% mycelium medium grow kit

Are you looking for a way to grow your own magic mushrooms easily? Our 100 grow kits contain a substrate of no less than 100% mycelium! That means that you have the perfect soil for simple but effective cultivation. Fresh magic mushrooms made in your own home! Doesn’t that sound good? View the medium grow kits (1200cc volume) here in our webshop.

How does mycelium work?

For experienced shroom growers, the concept of mycelium is well known. Mycelium refers to a network of hyphae that grow underground, resulting in the mushrooms above ground. The more mycelium substrate, the more potential shrooms and the faster they will grow. A substrate of 100% as found in the Avalon grow kits means that your soil is full of potential magic mushrooms. In most cases, you can harvest them in just three weeks!

A big advantage of 100% mycelium kits is that you can set them up without having to give the mushrooms much water. This decreases the risk of infection. Every grower knows that infection is the worst thing that can happen to your harvest! For the first harvest, it is important that you keep the interior of your filter bag moist by spraying it with water occasionally. During the second harvest (called the flush), you must water the grow kit roughly every 12 hours. Typically, you will get three good flushes from our grow kits.

Are grow kits legal?

Buying and selling magic mushrooms in most countries is not legal. For this reason, you can order the grow kits to cultivate them yourself. Luckily, this is completely legal. Grow shrooms in your own home in just a few weeks! You don’t have to be an experienced user or expert to use our mycelium kits.

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